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There's no audio when recording video using the camera app


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  • Barry K

    "2 out of 18" found this article helpful, at the present time. Perhaps it needs to be updated to make it more helpful?  I for one cannot cannot make sense of Solution 1 - it's full of ambiguity.  For example..

    Solution 1:

    1. Please make sure to open the camera app before connecting the EvermixBox4 to your phone.  [Is the Evermix app also not running?]

    2. Once open, connect the EvermixBox and tap record. [Tap record where? In Evermix, or in the Android Camera app? At what point do I need to run the Evermix App?]

    3. Tap stop to save the recording. [In the Android Camera App?]


    Make sure to disconnect from all bluetooth devices. [Why? If this is important/ required, include it as a pre-requisites at step 1].

    I want to record a video of the mix on my Android device (Oneplus 8 Pro, latest OS), and have the audio recorded from my mixer, not from ambient phone. Not too much to ask is it? It's why I got an Evermix.  However, your app and "instructional" videos make it sound easy, but practically it is not straightforward to achieve!    Help us please!


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