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Livestreaming via Mixcloud



  • SoulPhilly_DJ

    I am trying to do this from my iPhone. Where in the evermix app do you paste the server name and stream key?

    Can anyone help?

    Thanks in advance

  • James Canning

    Same Same SoulPhilly_DJ any updates guys? Is quite the pickle, I want to live stream and charge phone simultaneously which only works with Iphones and want to stream to mixcloud as they are the only format to not do take downs and I can't see the stream settings on the IOS version of the app? Any word on this?

  • Patrick F

    Same problem : unable to stream live on Mixcloud with EverMix.
    I’m connected to MixCloud with the iOS Evermix App, but can only record and send the Mix to MixCloud after.
    The guide explain to copy the KEY on iOS EverMixApp… We have anywhere to fill information on the EvermixApp.

    Next info say to start streaming on iOS EverMixApp. The option is not displayed… only recording.

  • Patrick F

    I have receive information that thé product is not compatible with iOS for liveStreaming on Mixcloud. It was an error on the website and article was on wrong place. Only Android can livestream.
    Not possible with the iOS mobile App.


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